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COVID-19 Trial Evacuations & Training at level 2


With the change to level 2 we have seen some normality return to businesses across the country. Like most New Zealand small businesses we are eager to get back into work and clear some of the backlog of trial evacuations that were due during the lock down period. 

The end of May/start of June will see the start of this "catch up" phase. Our consultants are booking in trial evacuations with buildings where social distancing and gathering numbers will be low enough to comply with the level 2 health requirements/guide lines. If your building was due for a trial evacuation expect one of our friendly team to contact you shortly. Alternatively you may call us to book a suitable time. 

Rest assured. If your building is large and the number of occupants exceeds 100 people or if a trial evacuation is not able to be conducted safely at this time due to Covid-19 restrictions Fire and Emergency NZ have advised there will be no penalties for failure to comply. The regulations have been updated to include a clause for this. 

Covid-19 has meant there are some changes to our workplaces. This can include changes in staff and normal operating hours. There may now be some gaps in your evacuation procedures. Businesses are reminded to ensure fire wardens are appointed at all times across all shifts. Any new staff have been inducted properly and any new fire wardens are trained accordingly. 

We have been asked about the placement of hand sanitiser. Remember hand sanitiser containing alcohol is highly flammable. This must not be stored in the Fire exits or stairwells. Smoke & fire doors must be kept closed (unless on automatic release holders) and clear at all times. Fire exits must not be blocked to reduce access to a building. 

We take this opportunity to thank all of fantastic clients for supporting our proudly NZ owned and locally operated business.