FSN offers various training courses for workplaces of all sizes. FSN offer Fire warden Training, Fire Extinguisher Training, Evacuation Chair Training & Online Fire Warden Training. These courses can be tailored to suit individual workplace situations, and are delivered using current technology and environmentally safe practical techniques and equipment.

See a few examples of the courses offered below. For more information about these and other courses we offer please contact [email protected]

Fire Warden Training

Fire Warden training includes responsibilities of the Chief Warden, Deputy Chief Warden, and Area/Search Warden, and consists of floor clearance and reporting procedures, action to be taken if you discover a fire, what to do if the alarms are activated, persons requiring assistance, and more.

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Online Fire Warden Training

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Give your Fire Wardens a head start with our Introduction to Fire Warden training.

Designed here in New Zealand this course is a great cost effective introduction to the role of Fire Warden. The course is also great as a refresher for current Fire Wardens.

The course takes approximately 30-45 minutes to complete and consists of video content and multi choice questions. The following topics are covered:

  • Fire Warden Roles & Responsibilities
  • What to do if you discover a fire
  • Fire Fighting equipment & Wardens I.D.
  • Floor/Area Clearing techniques
  • Persons Requiring Assistance

At FSN we understand that not all workplace Evacuation Procedures are the same. Using our online training tool we have partnered with AKO Safety and are able to tailor our Fire Warden Training specifically to your company and/or building requirements. Contact us today for more information [email protected]

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Fire Extinguisher Training

FSN offers multiple options for Fire Extinguisher training. Including onsite "live" fire scenarios or using our digital fire extinguisher training simulator. 

Training with the our digital fire simulator.  The Bullex system is affordable and environmentally friendly and can be easily used inside in businesses with no limitations on building type & conditions. 

Course outline

 Identification of Fire Classes and Fire suppression techniques

  • Principles of the triangle of fire.
  • Principles of fire suppression.
  • Identification of classes of fire.
  • Extinguishing agents and suppression techniques.
  • Selection of extinguisher type for fire classes

 Fire assessment and strategies for dealing with fire

  • Fire assessment in relation to personal, occupant and property risk.
  • Assessment of available options to deal with a fire.
  • Raising the alarm including "111" call.

 Practical application

  • Operating techniques for selected extinguishers
  • Techniques for approaching and retreating from a fire.
  • Demonstration of practical fire suppression techniques.
  • Course participants to have practical experience of fire extinguishing.


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